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Face ID X The latest addition of Face ID series has arrived and this time around the face recognition machine is made bigger and better

Mighty Face Recognition Technology
Additional Versatile Clocking Options
Automatic Camera Activation
Powerful CPU
Huge Memory Capacity
Heavy-Duty Back Up Battery
Multiple Selection of Data Communication
Wireless Communication Option


Face ID X is a biometric verification terminal that contains two types of advanced biometrics technologies with dual cameras, 1.2 GHz Dual Core microprocessor, 128 MB flash memory, 256 MB SDRAM, various types of data communication and an enormous data storage capacity; all of which to provide a swift and accurate biometrics verification. The device can contain up to 30K face recognition with 1:1 verification, 50K fingerprint templates, 10K cards, and a huge 1 million transaction data at any given time. Face ID X is designed to provide users with a convenient and contactless verification in addition to multiple verification options. With the mighty capacity in which Face ID X offers, the face recognition machine is thus taken to another level of power

Mighty Face Recognition Technology
Face ID X is embedded with dual cameras; a basic camera for photo taking and a high resolution infrared camera for accurate verification. It only takes less than 30 seconds for a registration, less than 2 seconds for a face verification and less than 1 second for a fingerprint verification.

Additional Versatile Clocking Options
Face ID X comes inclusive with 3 other powerful clocking options, including Fingerprint Verification of up to 10,000 templates, Card Verification of up to 10,000 cards (RFID Default and Optional Mifare and HID) & Password Verification.

Automatic Camera Activation
Standing near Face ID X will activate its camera thus providing contactless verification at its best.

Powerful CPU
Face ID X is loaded with a 1.2GHz microprocessor; possessing the speed equivalent to most of the best smartphones around.

Huge Memory Capacity
Loaded with a sizeable 128 MB flash memory & 256 MB SDRAM capacity, Face ID X supports up to a whopping 1,000,000 transaction data at any given time.

Heavy-Duty Back Up Battery
Packed with 2000mAH large capacity Lithium-ion Battery to ensure a fully operational device at approximately 4 hours in case of any power interruptions.

Multiple Selection of Data Communication
Supports TCP/IP, RS232, RS485, USB disk; providing versatility to data communication and transfer.

Wireless Communication Option
Supports WiFi, GPRS and 3G optional modules for wireless communication.

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More Information
Part No Face IDX
Brand FingerTec


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